Issue 13

For this edition of Paper Visual Art Journal, we have invited artists and writers whose work reflects on or emerges from the land – among our contributors, several are involved in farming or are making work in rural contexts. Their work reflects a growing set of concerns within contemporary art practice in Ireland, centred on farming and the stewardship of the land, as we grapple with the challenges facing a traditionally agricultural society in the twenty-first century. These are artists and writers who explore, in different ways, our relationships to the natural world and the profound ecological, social, and interpersonal questions that surround it.

With contributions by C. S Andrews, Rachel Andrews, Rachel Donnelly, Adrian Duncan, Laura Fitzgerald, Selina Guinness, Francis Halsall, Christine Mackey, Michele Horrigan, Sue Rainsford, Erica Van Horn, Michael Waldron, and Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe.

December 2021
Design: an Atelier project
Kindly supported by the Arts Council
ISSN: 2565-6376

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